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Lai-momo Società Cooperativa Sociale

08 Nov, 2018



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Main thematic area of expertise: Employability
Main thematic area of interest: Employability

The cooperative company Lai-momo was founded in 1995 by a group of academics, teachers and researchers with the aim of promoting communication between people and individuals coming from different countries and environments. With an initial focus on culture, the cooperative later expanded its endeavors to the domains of online/offline communication, research, education, employment and social inclusion.

Lai-momo’s headquarters are located in Sasso Marconi, a small town near Bologna, Italy. However, the outreach of its projects goes well beyond the local area and very often has a European and international focus. Indeed, the Italian headquarters daily work with their offices in Brussels, developing and expanding national initiatives on a European scale.

The cooperative is organized into sectors – education, online/offline communication, social work – which work in synergy with one another and share a common approach to the topics of global education and intercultural communication. Every year the cooperative involves more than 200 teachers in training activities and more than 7,000 foreign citizens in orientation/information activities. Furthermore Lai-momo nurtures a longstanding collaboration with many scholars and researchers from more than 20 Italian, European and African universities.

The wide-ranging knowledge of their team and their international network of partners enables Lai-momo to offer a broad range of solutions in all types of educational and cultural projects. Their main clients are European institutions, local authorities, international organizations and private companies. Thanks to their strong multimedia-oriented approach, they have been able to work successfully and creatively to meet the challenges of a multicultural society.

The staff based at the Lai-momo headquarters in Sasso Marconi (BO) is composed of 30 enrolled personnel possessing professional capacities and exhaustive experience at an international level, especially in projects based on communication and intercultural education. Indeed, Lai-momo has a great deal of experience, which is highly relevant to the work of assisting the European Commission with communication and information initiatives and products related to activities in the fields of education, vocational training, youth, multilingualism, culture, sustainable consumption, active citizenship and media literacy. Many of the projects Lai-momo has carried out in the areas of culture and education have culminated in the production of a variety of websites and publications in many different languages. Lai-momo is therefore very familiar not only with the content, but also with the communication of this content, and has experience in analyzing, addressing and communicating it effectively to various target audiences and through both online and offline media.

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Name: Filippo Mantione
Position: Communication Manager