03 May, 2019



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Main thematic area of expertise: STEM awareness raising and training
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills

The vision of the JOBLINGE initiative is to make a visible and sustainable contribution to the fight against youth unemployment. Our objective is to provide disadvantaged, unemployed youth with the opportunity to earn a long-term placement in an apprenticeship or job and thus lead a self-determined life. Joblinge focuses on outcomes, aiming for fast but sustainable job placements.

Since 2015, JOBLINGE has had a strong focus on STEM and digital learning. The aim is to integrate young people who are most at risk of social exclusion into the STEM-sector with the help of specialized training programmes and by encouraging civil society actors and businesses to collaborate in these efforts.

Furthermore, JOBLINGE is implementing projects and approaches (JOBLINGE 4.0/digitally catching up!) that aim to sensitise young people to digitalisation and the resulting changes in the world of work. The focus is on developing and strengthening new competencies (coding, digital skills, social competences).

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Name: Christiane Schubert
Position: Regional Director