Identifying the ICT skills needed by the labour market and emerging jobs - CONVERT Project • ALL DIGITAL
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Identifying the ICT skills needed by the labour market and emerging jobs – CONVERT Project

08 May, 2024


As a part of the CONVERT project  (Conversion programme to acquire the digital skills needed by forward-looking careers) ALL DIGITAL is conducting a survey to identifying the ICT skills needed by the labour market and emerging jobs. 

Your experience and opinion will help us identify key areas for improvement and develop targeted training modules focusing on digital competencies such as data analytics, programming languages, cybersecurity, and more.

Share your experience here! 

About the project:

The twin green and digital transitions are reshaping the way we work and the deployment of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics are expected to create new jobs. Already, the acceleration of the digital transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the digital skills shortage.

To achieve the digital transformation of the labour market, education and training providers will need to develop upskilling and reskilling programmes that are both flexible and certified and incorporate the latest developments in key ICT areas.

CONVERT aims to design and deliver a reskilling programme in the form of short-term training modules enhancing the digital skills needed by today’s digital economy, to reskill recent non-ICT graduates and upskill junior employees (up to 2 years of working experience) towards emerging jobs or new tasks in their jobs.

The reskilling programme will be both flexible and certified using micro-credentials and it will be focusing on the digital competences needed by employers to achieve the digital transition of the labour market, including data analytics and visualisation, programming languages, AI, IoT, web development and design, cybersecurity, and data privacy. The training programme will be delivered in a blended format by certified trainers with hands-on experience.

You can find out more about the project here.