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IDEAHL – EU digital health literacy Strategy

01 Feb, 2024

The IDEAHL digital health literacy strategy vision is to empower EU citizens in using digital tools to take a more active role in the management of their own health and well-being. It will support innovative person-centred care models using digital technologies safely while benefiting from disruptive health technology. With a vision for a healthier EU, IDEAHL will strengthen the resilience and efficiency of health systems in the face of digital transformation. It will enhance a stronger EU and government investment on dHL education, promote dHL solutions process development among stakeholders making a stronger EU.


The objective of the strategy is to improve dHL for the benefit of all citizens focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and (self-)care as well as on monitoring its impact on the quality of life, well-being, productivity, and the economy, taking into account geographical, social and economic determinants of inequities in digital health literacy.


The IDEAHL project

The project has first conducted an extensive mapping of health literacy (HL) and digital health literacy (dHL) research, initiatives, and projects in the EU and beyond. It has defined best practices and champions in these fields to foster knowledge exchange and uptake of selected practices. Building on these foundations, the IDEAHL consortium haslaunched a large co-creation process to design and plan its EU dHL Strategy. The IDEAHL project has involved over 1,400 different stakeholders from 19 target population groups, including citizens and patients, health care and social services, policy makers, non-health sectors, academia, etc. Co-creation activities were carried out in more than 10 countries. Several dHL actions have been selected based on Hanlon method to pilot dHL strategy. It will support also social innovations for person-centred care models.


Click here to read the Strategy.