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Fast Track into IT Ltd

20 Jun, 2014



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FIT is an industry-led initiative which works in close collaboration with government departments and national education and training agencies, local development organisations and a host of community based organisations. FIT’s mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills for those at risk of unemployment long term. It is the primary industry skills development initiative enabling greater access to employment for marginalised job seekers.

FIT is a registered charity and not for profit organisation. It develops and promotes technology-based programmes and career development opportunities for marginalised  job seekers in an increasingly knowledge-based economy.

The common theme of FIT’s activity is the innovative use of ICT to combat disadvantage. FIT has delivered a number of national projects that address the Digital Divide among disadvantaged groups and areas and is the largest provider of such programmes in collaboration with government.

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Name: George Ryan
Position: COO