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Start date:  December 3, 2018

End date:  December 7, 2018

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

Organiser(s):  European Civil Society for Education

Target audience:  Learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives

Website:  http://lllplatform.eu/events/lll-week/

LLLWeek2018: Lifelong Learning Culture

05 Oct, 2018

The LLLWeek aims to raise awareness on lifelong learning’s capacity to answer many challenges of modern societies. The LLLWeek has over time become a milestone in the European education agenda, thanks to the support of civil society actors and Members of the European Parliament. The idea is to bring together learners and educators, field workers and policy-makers, researchers and political representatives, and give them the opportunity to discuss today’s greatest educational challenges.

The 8th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week will be held in Brussels on December 3-7! This year it will be dedicated to “Lifelong Learning Culture: a partnership for rethinking education”! Debates will focus on the role of civil society organisations working in education to foster culture and EU values, as well as the place of education in the next MFF! Come debate together with national, European and international representatives, experts, academics, civil society representatives, and much more…! Save the date, and stay tuned on the website for the registrations will come out soon!

The main topic of the week will be “Lifelong Learning Culture: a partnership for rethinking education”, the Platform’s theme of the year, envisaging the subject under 3 different sub-topics that will feed into the main discourse and which also govern the LLLAwards2018:

  • Key competences and learning environments;
  • Key competences and validation, recognition and accreditation;
  • Key competences and holistic approaches to active citizenship through education and culture

Sponsors:  European Parliament and Euopean institutions (European Commission, European Council, European Economic and Social Council)