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European Network of Innovation for Inclusion – Accion Contra el Hambre

23 Feb, 2022



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Main thematic area of expertise: Employability
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills

The European Network of Innovation for Inclusion is a network of organizations from 23 EU countries committed to innovation for social challenges, especially those related with social inclusion.

Its main goal is to build a stronger ecosystem of EU organizations through exchanges of experiences, knowledges, and good practices, as well as through the promotion of partnerships and networking.

This network aims to support organizations to develop successful European employment and entrepreneurship projects in order to build a more inclusive labor market in Europe.

Any organization interested in social innovation towards a more inclusive and egalitarian European ecosystem, can join the network completely free of charge, participate in its initiatives and make its work visible through the network’s platforms.

The European Network of Innovation for Inclusion is led by Fundación Acción contra el Hambre (Action against Hunger Foundation – ACH), which is an independent international humanitarian organization that fights malnutrition while ensuring water and secure livelihoods for vulnerable populations. ENNI

ACH also works for the socio-labour inclusion of vulnerable groups, promoting their access to the labour market through employment and entrepreneurship programs, as well as through the work its European Network does.

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Name: Silvia Rodriguez
Position: EU projects socio-labour inclussion officer