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District09 – Digitaal.Talent@Gent

15 Jul, 2022



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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills

District09 is the driving force for ICT within the City of Ghent. Together with their colleagues from the Group Ghent, they are turning their city into an innovative and inclusive technology capital. District09 made the explicit choice to incorporate e-inclusion its strategic goals and is managing the local e-inclusion programme called Digitaal.Talent@Gent since 2006.

Digitaal.Talent@Gent has been working tirelessly towards e-inclusion in and around the City of Ghent since 2006. They have set up multiple projects that have boosted digital access, skills and participation in the city.  Together with the local stakeholders (organisations, schools, universities, companies, …) they make digital access and knowledge no longer a privilege for the advantaged communities. Increasing the digital skills and motivation of the citizens makes it possible for everyone to fully participate in the information- and communication society of today and stimulates their independence. The program aims to support each citizen to fully discover and develop their digital potential and has specific care for including vulnerable target groups.

Connect with them if you want to collaborate on international projects regarding basic digital skills for all/vulnerable citizens; e-inclusion awareness trainings for intermediaries; user-friendly ICT-development (HCD); specific projects on digital skills in education, work, welfare, culture (libraries),… Check out their website for all our current projects.

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Name: Sara Van Damme
Position: Program Director