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Digital Skills21 Institution

24 Oct, 2022



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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Employability

Digital Skills 21 institution is an international non-profit scientific institution aiming to:

Grant accreditation to institutions and individuals for digital transformation.
Accredit training curricula and examinations, issuing certifications for digital skills and professions.
Plan, organize, accredit, and evaluate digital skills, as well as localize their training content.
Elevate digital skills within society to bridge the digital divide, drive digital transformation, and establish a comprehensive knowledge-based digital economy.


To ensure the success of digital transformation by accrediting institutions’ digital transformation efforts in accordance with global standards.
To empower the workforce with digital skills by enabling the nation’s youth through various digital skills programs and digital professions.
To cultivate leaders in the digital age by creating a generation that is productive, distinguished, successful, adaptable, innovative, and prepared to keep up with the outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with its industrial AI intelligence, machine learning, the advancements brought by the wireless communications revolution, the sixth generation 6G technology, and the capabilities of the Intelligent Web.


Elevate the level of digital skills within society.
Have the largest number of digitally transformed institutions in the community.
Integrate the DS21 and DBS21 curricula as academic subjects in schools and universities, and assist millions of individuals worldwide in obtaining:
The International Digital Skills for the 21st Century (DS21) certificate.
The International Digital Business Skills for the 21st Century (DBS21) certification.
Attain new digital job opportunities and career advancements.


Quality and excellence in all endeavors.
Instilling and enhancing positive values about technology in the minds of the youth.
Establishing advanced digital social relationships that are subject to rational human thinking.


To be the leading institution that creates change and drives digital transformation according to global standards.

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Name: Prof. Dr. Khaled BAKRO 
Position: General Manager