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Digital Skills21 Institution

24 Oct, 2022



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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills

Digital Skills 21 Foundation is a non-profit scientific organization that works on the digital development of individuals, institutions, and governments, and the increase of digital knowledge to bring about digital transformation, achieve business success and build an inclusive digital knowledge economy.

• Presenting a curriculum on the importance of acquiring digital skills in the 21st century, to bridge the digital divide and move to a knowledge-based digital economy.
• Providing strategic solutions on policies, programs, and initiatives on digital skills in the 21st century, and models of their application in some countries.
• Provide studies to explore the links between emerging technologies and digital skills development, and the impact of digital transformation on development
• Provide studies to support enterprises in planning human capital requirements of digital skills in order to maintain their competitiveness in a rapidly changing digital environment to achieve digital transformation.
• Provide studies for decision makers and policymakers wishing to promote and support digital development, digital transformation and bridging the digital skills gap.
• Designing strategies, policies, and programs for 21st-century digital skills education for institutions and universities.
• Provide scientific models for evaluating institutions according to their degree of digital skills in the 21st century.

Helping millions of people around the world to get:
• International Certificate of Digital Skills in the 21st Century;
• International Certificate of Business Digital Skills in the 21st Century;
• Get a new digital job and promotion in the work ladder.

Sustainability of digital knowledge to achieve digital transformation, enabling the handling of the fourth technological revolution and the creation of its AI industrial intelligence, and what the WR wireless revolution offers

Building the best integrated digital learning experience that leads society towards quality, accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

• Quality and excellence to achieve the best work.
• Consolidating and enhancing positive technology values in emerging minds
• Building advanced digital social relationships that are subject to human rational thinking

The future aspirations of the institution:
Bridging the digital divide and transitioning to a knowledge-based digital economy.

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Name: Prof. Dr. Khaled BAKRO 
Position: General Manager