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05 Jun, 2020



Joined us in:


Main thematic area of expertise: Digital Media Literacy
Main thematic area of interest: STEM awareness raising and training


Dataninja is an award-winning company providing data-driven learning programs and  innovative services in the field of data journalism. Since its inception in 2012 as a non-formal working group of data-driven journalists, trainers and developers, Dataninja has developed training programs in partnership with Universities, newspapers, and NGOs players.

Dataninja also manages the most important Italian community of data journalists with thousands of members. In 2019 Dataninja received two Erasmus+ grants for developing an European-wide syllabus of Data Literacy competencies, then a process of competencies certification.

Dataninja has a strong expertise in the field of education focused on Data Literacy and Data Science. Since its inception, Dataninja has developed in-presence courses and workshops to teach and spread data-driven competencies in different contexts, such as newsrooms, universities and schools.

Dataninja manages its own digital platform Dataninja School where courses and educational paths are available for sale for online users. The platform was launched in April 2019 and within a year had over 1,000 students. The platform serves online courses both with a B2C model (users can buy courses by themselves) and a B2B model (an organization can buy a specific service to create a private classroom for their beneficiaries).

Dataninja works along the media industries to develop innovative technologies in order to cope with the innovation challenges of the digital news ecosystem. In partnership with news publishers, Dataninja works non prototyping and developing tools for automated generated content based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

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Name: Andrea Nelson Mauro
Position: Business Partner