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22 Nov, 2021



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Main thematic area of expertise: Digital Media Literacy
Main thematic area of interest: Basic Digital Skills

Out of the Box International is European Network bringing together different organisations advocating for a more innovative, citizen-centered and solidar policies on European and city level. Our main mission is to provide expertise, ICT tools and network for dissemination of research, trainings and innovative practices.

VISION: Out of the Box International stands for a Europe of innovation and solidarity powered by a dynamic economy based on social values where everyone has equal access to democratic and social life.

MISSION: The mission of ‘Out of the Box International’ is to develop and shape innovative policies in social entrepreneurship, social cohesion, open digital environment and further enhancement of the European project.

Their MEMBER ORGANISATIONS (34) from 24 countries are Youth Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Municipalities and Universities ensuring a variety of expertise and experience in building different kind of innovative social projects. We are experts in different EU policy areas such as youth, education, cohesion and solidarity, digital, with focus on cross-sectorial practices.

Their TARGET GROUPS are young people, CSOs and policy makers. They believe that innovation, fresh ideas and active involvement of citizens in the political processes all together represent the sine qua non of making our societies better, fairer,more sustainable and just. The Headquarters of the organization are based in Brussels.

Social Media


Name: Marko Paunovic
Position: Director