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Ànthropos | Technè

07 Feb, 2019



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Main thematic area of expertise: STEM Skills for Society
Main thematic area of interest: STEM Skills for Society

Ànthropos | Technè is a non-profit Italian association founded in 2018 by researchers and professors from universities and public research institutes. It is based in Naples, hosted by the Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab of the University of Naples Federico II, to which the founders of the association belong to. Its mission is the application and dissemination of an interdisciplinary approach aimed at improving psychological and socio-relational wellness at different level in society, from personal to educational and professional development.

Ànthropos | Technè is fully committed from its foundation to promote core knowledge and competence transfer from academia to citizens’ daily life in order to contribute to building an inclusive and open society through the development of social skills by means of innovative methods centred on technology. In its activity Antrhopos|Techné exploits the latest results from scientific research in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychometrics, developmental and educational psychology and applies it to the everchanging challenges of everyday life.


Name: Franco Rubinacci
Position: Secretary