Viera Zuborova • ALL DIGITAL
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Viera Zuborova

28 Aug, 2023

Research Fellow, Bratislava Policy Institute

Viera is a political scientist by background. She focuses her interests on populism, extremism, social movements, civil society, political communication, marketing, intolerance, and hate speech. Furthermore, she worked for ten years on various levels in the academic sphere. Besides, she also worked as a senior research fellow at the think-tank Center for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA). In 2017, she was a scholar-in-residence in the ISGAP at Oxford University, and in 2010 a visiting Ph.D. scholar at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She has been a regular columnist at the online newspaper Aktuality.SK since 2015 and co-founder of three non-profit organizations in human rights, education, youth, and social issues. Currently, part-time employed as Fundraising Manager with a focus on democracy promotion in the non-profit investigative newsroom in Germany, focused on supporting the further development and implementation of our fundraising strategy with a focus on strengthening democracy and democracy development in Eastern Europe and Russia.