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Digitisation Agency

20 Jun, 2014



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The Agency for Digitisation is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and has been established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society. The Agency is in charge of the digitisation of Denmark and is responsible for the implementation of the government’s digital ambitions in the public sector.

The Agency for Digitisation is the engine driving cross-public sector cooperation and thus leads from the front in the efforts to digitise the public sector. However, the entire public sector – from region headquarters, hospital wards and municipal offices to primary and lower secondary school -has a joint responsibility to ensure that Danes embrace the digital mindset and that the vision of a digital Danish public sector is achieved. The private sector, such as the financial sector and the ICT industry, is a key partner in this regard.

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Name: Lars Frelle-Petersen
Position: Director