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12 common mistakes nonprofits make in Social Media

07 Jun, 2012

Together with 600 people around the globe, members of Telecentre-Europe’s online community  attended the free webinar 12 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Social Media on June 6, 2012.  The session turned out to be an eye opener for nonprofits that are – or are about to – involved in social media channels.

The Social Web has dramatically changed the way nonprofits communicate with supporters, donors, and volunteers. But instead of talking about best practices, the webinar explored 12 common mistakes nonprofits make in social media.

Fortunately, the mistakes can be fixed easily: by integrating the tools into a long-term online communications strategy, by investing in graphic design, training staff, fully exploring tools, embracing age differences & skill sets, being an early adopter and through blogging, reviewing job descriptions, embracing the mobile web & tracking the Return On Investment of social media.

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