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Teb Youth Association (TEB) has been working in the fields related to community networks and technology since 1999, for 25 years already!

We participate in local and international projects. Teb is flexible, innovative and social. We manage one of the first telecenters in Spain, and led to the birth of the 1st telecentre network in Catalonia, in 1999. We currently work for the government in the coordination and advice of the 750 centers (network PuntTIC.cat)

We are experts in networking, coworking and social innovation; we work with social institutions, training centers, universities and companies. Teb works in collaboration with the city of Barcelona, the Provincial Government and the Government of Catalonia.

List of services:

  • e-inclusion
  • social innovation
  • techno-pedagogical training and advice to technology centers and social and educational professionals

We provide e-facilitation, training, workshops and problem and project based learning activities.

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Name: Esther Subias
Position: Project manager