Location:  Maks offices in Anderlecht (Brussels), Belgium

Organiser(s):  Maks vzw

Target audience:  Trainers with interest in developing coding activities

Training the trainers: coding for children and youngsters

Editions: 10-14 February 2020; 23-27 November 2020
Contact Person: Samuel Fuller


Maks has built solid expertise in STEAM education through countless activities within schools, extra-curricular activities, and coding camps during the school holidays. These activities are perfect for children and youngsters from 7 until 20 years old. With tools as Scratch 3.0, the BBC micro:bit, MIT App Inventor & Arduino we will inspire you with the Maks methodology, so you can initiate fantastic coding activities as fast as possible.

The following aspects will be covered:

  • Educational and Coaching skills: Soft skills needed to lead a coding program for children and youngsters and create meaningful, fun activities for diverse audiences.
  • Introductory digital applications: Exploration of several apps that provide the basic concepts of digital coding, through a playful learning experience.
  • Visual coding with the Scratch language: Insight into a widely used coding language for children, and how it can be applied to make fun games, applications and animations.
  • App coding with AppInventor: create programmes for your smartphone or tablet
  • Unplugged Computer Science activities: Activities that increase insight in computer science, through analogue games.
  • Introduction into physical computing: Creating a custom interactive game controller with everyday objects, such as fruits or metal cutlery.
  • Introduction to coding devices with micro:bit and Arduino.
  • Building a project: Facilitating transfer of knowledge by having participants design and build their own creative, digital project.
  • Practical considerations for trainers: rules, example planning outlines, …
  • Introduction into advanced modules: Insight into the advanced modules on digital games, robotics and mobile app development.

Programme (is subject to change):

Day 1: Introduction to offline games, iPad apps and micro:bit

Day 2: Introduction to Scratch

Day 3: Introduction to Mblock and Raspberry Pi

Day 4: Introduction to Arduino

Day 5: Introduction to Python with Minecraft and Pedagogical approach to coding


Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to organise training sessions on basic coding with children and youngsters and can organise introduction sessions in robotics, app developing and gameplay.