Start date:  1 June, 2020

Location:  Foligno, Italy

Organiser(s):  Egina and Ente Giostra Quintana


AR & VR for the education in Cultural Heritage

15 Jan, 2020


  • First edition: 1 June, 2020
  • Second edition: 31 August, 2020



The course is open to all those interested in improving the learning experience in culture, art or landscape architecture for young or adult students using augmented and virtual reality technologies. 


This course provides knowledge of the theoretical background, operating methods and cutting-edge design tools for development of digitally-enhanced art events and tangible or intangible cultural heritage experiences.

The course consists of two face-to-face training modules:

  • A basic introduction to key concepts, tested models and effective digital tools to improve learning experience in culture and art.
  • A project-based hands-on advanced workshop, focused on developing a city-wide augmented-reality-powered cultural heritage experience.



Participants will work together to co-design, co-create and stage museatrical (museum+theatrical) representations of local heritage and traditions.

They will develop theoretical and practical competences in enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage through: